Dot Connect has been involved with numerous developments of custom web based application and content management system for property listing, filling system, helpdesk, booking system, customer management system, inventory control and billing system.

We believe that every company have their own working flow even they are from the same industry. A slightly different way of operation will have different efficiency of result.

In Dot Connect, we help you to design and develop the identical system that suite your business.misable.

Customize Web-Based System’s Features


Our Web applications are web-based and responsive, making them available and can be accessed by any portable device.


Integrate your business web application with internal systems, third-party systems such as CRMs, ERPs, Accounting software, e-commerce & payment gateways


Because it is web-based, it is vital that your web application is designed with security in mind, to avoid data breaches and malicious use of your code.


Through their ease of use and the automation of processes, custom-built web applications bring increased levels of productivity to the workplace. Features such as data imports reduce your users’ manual input.


Tiered user permissions and separate user interfaces allow your custom app to grow as your business grows.