How App Development Works?

How App Development Works?

What is the difference between IOS and Android Apps?


IOS by Apple is restricted to a closed ecosystem. All the content is restricted to specific devices that are supported by that ecosystem, for example, you only can use IOS on Apple produced devices like Iphone or Ipad. Iphone apps are more industry specific.

We build top notch IOS application with Apple SDK that can be integrated and compatible with any specific hardware features.


On the other hand, Android operates on an open source system, which allows for tons of modification as well as lots of functionality. Google’s Android operating system has become the most important App Market, if you have created an IOS app, you must simply create its Android version as well.

Our developers who are also proficient in Android SDK and JDK will develop interactive Android apps which are compatible for various mobile devices.

It’s All Started With An Idea

Behind every cutting edge mobile app we developed is a group of team dedicated to provide a better user experience through minds and technology. As mobile users are getting more frequent in these years, we are ready to leverage our expertise in Dot Connect so your business can be viewed from a different angle from your visitors.